Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Train derails in Egyptian capital Cairo: 'many dead'

An Egyptian passenger train has derailed and caught fire in a suburb of Cairo, reportedly leaving many people dead. Five of its cars overturned.

Egyptian media report at least 4 people killed and 70 injured. A security source has told Reuters that at least 15 people were injured. 

Reports also say the accident took place in the Badrasheen area of Giza, as the train was heading for the southern province of Suhaq. The train was coming from the town of Sohag, 500 kilometres south of Cairo.

The number of casualties and the death toll are still unconfirmed.

At least five ambulances rushed to the scene to help the victims, amid fears of a large death toll.  

Other train accidents in Egypt

The railway system's poor safety record has long been blamed on badly maintained equipment and poor management. 

Feb 20 2002: 361 die when a train catches fire 43 miles south of Cairo.

Aug 21 2006: At least 58 are killed in the collision of two trains travelling on the same rail track north of Cairo. 

Tuesday 17 July 2012


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Death toll from Japan's heavy rain rises to 28

The death toll from record rainfall on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu rose to 28 on Monday and rescue workers searched for four missing people, reports said.

Evacuation orders were lifted in most parts of the region and many residents had returned to clean up flooded homes.

Substantial damage was inflicted on farming and fishing industries in Fukuoka prefecture. Dozens of fishing boats went adrift and farm machines were submerged, the Nishinippon newspaper cited local authorities as saying.

Greenhouses were also damaged and a seaweed farm was flooded in the prefecture, it said. Many residents in northern mountainous areas of Yame were without electricity and water after a flooding river destroyed facilities and caused utility poles to collapse, NTV reported.

 The Japan Meteorological Agency predicted more rain in the region and local authorities warned of more mudslides and flooding.

As warm, humid air created an active front over the north of Kyushu, the levels of rainfall that hit parts of the island since Wednesday were unprecedented, the agency said.

Tuesday 17 July 2012


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Okobe petrol fire disaster death toll rises to 124

Abuja – The death toll from Okobe petrol tanker disaster rose to 124 on Monday, up from 95, the Rivers Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Dr Kayode Olagunju, said.

Olagunju said that the number was arrived at, based on additional deaths from various hospitals. “We are still battling with the actual injury figures as a lot of victims were transferred from one hospital to the other which could result in multiple counting. “Some victims initially went home for traditional treatment while some headed for private clinics,’’ Olagunju said, adding that the commission would liaise with other agencies and the Rivers Government to collate a more realistic figure.

The Okobe tragedy occurred around 6.30 a.m on Thursday following the crash of a petrol-carrying tanker and three other vehicles on the Ahoda-Mbiama east-west road in Rivers.

People around thronged the scene scrambling for spilled petrol, resulting in the flame which consumed the dead and the injured, according to FRSC which added that 34 motor-cycles were also burnt during the incident.

The 87 bodies burnt beyond recognition were given mass burial at the scene of the disaster on the same day, while six identified bodies were released to family members.

Crashes are common on Nigeria’s pot-holed and poorly maintained roads, and in a region where most people live on less than $2 a day the chance to collect spilling petrol is too much of a temptation, despite the high risk of fires.

Tuesday 17 July 2012


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