Wednesday, 4 December 2013

INS Sindhurakshak: Navy divers still looking for bodies of missing sailors

Even after submarine INS Sindhurakshak sank following a huge explosion and fire here on Aug 14, Navy divers are still looking for bodies of missing sailors in the wreckage of the warship, said sources.

According to a statement made by Vice-Admiral Shekhar Sinha, chief of Western Naval Command the navy divers had not stopped the search operation. "Our divers are still at the job. We are trying to find out if human remains can be found."

Till now only 11 bodies have been recovered while 18 Navy personnel, including three officers, were on board at the time of the mishap.

A huge explosion rocked the submarine, commissioned in 1997, leading to the frontline warship's sinking in what was seen as a major dent in the Indian Navy's firepower capability.

"A team of divers, who had rehearsed with a similar type of submarine, were made to operate in zero visibility and then sent for rescue operation," he said.

Immediately after the Sindhurakshak disaster, Navy did an audit of all other submarines, their loaded weapons and the crew manning them, said the Western naval command chief.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

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