Wednesday, 30 October 2013

21 perish in Chisumbanje road accident

Twenty-one people have been killed in a road accident at the 20 kilometre-peg along the Tanganda-Chisumbanje road towards Middle Sabi. Most of the most of the dead were burnt beyond recognition.

Witnesses said a T35 truck which was carrying mourners to Manzvire Village in Chisumbanje side-swiped an ethanol tanker resulting in it exploding and burning most of the victims.

When a news crew arrived at the scene, charred bodies were still scattered on the road while other bodies were trapped under the wreckage of the truck. Police spokesperson Charity Charamba said investigations are under way as to determine the cause of the accident.

Meanwhile Greenfuel who own the ethanol tanker that was involved in the accident has issued a condolence message to the deceased familes.

“Green Fuel joins the Chisumbanje community, the nation at large and most importantly the families of the deceased, in mourning the lives tragically lost in a road accident which occurred today in Chipinge South, along the Tanganda –Chiredzi highway near Checheche.

As we come to terms with the devastating aftermath of this tragedy, we convey our sincere heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased.”

Wednesday 30 October 2013

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DNA camp for kin of people missing in Uttarakhand

The state government plans to hold a DNA sampling camp for relatives of the 165 residents of the state who went missing in the flash flood in Uttarakhand this monsoon, indicated rehabilitation minister Patangrao Kadam on Tuesday.

The move is aimed at facilitating disbursal of compensation to relatives of the dead. It may be extended to people from other states upon request. "When the bodies are recovered, their DNA samples are taken. We have also decided to take DNA samples of the relatives of those missing," a Mantralaya official said.

The state and the centre have already announced a monetary compensation to the families of the victims who had been to Uttarakhand as pilgrims at the time of the tragedy.

According to officials the DNA sampling would then help in not only identifying and confirming the relationship but will also help people in officially knowing the status (whether dead or alive) of the missing relative.

There are many people from the state who are still in touch with the state's disaster management and rehabilitation department to know whereabouts of their relatives who have gone missing after the tragedy.

Officials said DNA matching, the facility which is available in Mumbai alone, formed a legal and scientific proof in deciding those who would then be able to accept the compensation as a heir of the dead.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

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100 Egyptian refugees missing in Libya desert

It has been reported that as many as 100 Egyptian refugees have gone missing in the Libyan desert after fleeing the chaos in their country following this summer’s military coup.

Libya is still suffering from its own political instability, and is also having to deal with countless tragedies in which hundreds of refugees leaving from its shores on their way to the Italian island of Lampedusa have drowned. These numbers also include many Libyan and Palestinian men, women and children.

According to the al-Masry al-Youm news website, the Egyptian refugees disappeared on the Tobruk-Ajdabiya route. Libya has deployed 26 vehicles to search for the refugees, and so far five bodies have been found.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

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