Monday, 9 September 2013

MV Hope sailors bodies in Malaysian morgue

Two bodies kept at a morgue in Malaysia’s Langkawi were identified on Sunday as that of sailors of ill-fated Bangladeshi cargo ship MV Hope.

The sailors are believed to be the vessel’s Cabin crew Ali Hossain and second engineer Nizamuddin.

MV Hope P&I Club representative, the CEO of Interport Maritime Limited Mohiuddin Abdul Kader said the bodies surfaced near the Malaysian coast on the Andaman Sea on Jul 20. The local fishermen retrieved the bodies and brought them to Langkawi port. They were put in a morgue on Jul 28.

The Thai agent for Maritime Interport Limited after seeing the bodies a week ago believed they were sailors of the Hope.

Ali Hossain was identified from a bank account ID found in his pocket. The other body, which was beheaded, was identified with the help of the MV Hope jacket found on the body. He is assumed to be Nezamuddin.

Authorities say headless corpse DNA test will be done.

The MV Hope was caught in a storm near Thailand’s coast on Jul 4. Its 17 sailors abandoned the ship to save their lives.

Nine were rescued alive and two corpses were recovered.

Monday 9 September 2013


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