Monday, 9 September 2013

Mass grave with 500 Libyans dead at war with Chad found

The bodies of some 500 Libyans killed during the war of 1987 between China and Chad were found in the southern region of Kufra, said here Friday an official spokesman.

The bodies were located in the military base Sarah, about 217 miles southeast of the Libyan city, and the bodies are of soldiers and civilians killed by Chadian military during the conflict, according to Abu Rkik, chief of police of that city.

A committee of experts will be integrated shortly to identify the bodies and bury them under appropriate conditions, the official spokesperson added.

The Chadian government of that time accused Libya of arming and provide other assistance to rebels opposed to the central government, at the early 70s to the late 80s of last century, which became the military disputes between the two states. The parties signed in 1987 a ceasefire sponsored by the Organization of African Unity in Addis Ababa.

Monday 9 September 2013


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