Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Uganda tanker fire - Two bodies remain unidentified

The DNA results of the victims of the Namugoona inferno have been processed, with the results of eight unidentified bodies positively matching, while two bodies remain unknown due to non-matching results.

"Two bodies of a woman and a man are still unidentified in the mortuary following non-matching DNA results," said Ibn Ssenkumbi the Kampala metropolitan police spokesman.

Ssenkumbi added that one of the bodies had been claimed by two families. Resty Nabbona, a resident of Kinoni, Masaka, who lost a relative, said they started the funeral arrangements last week and are only waiting to bury the deceased.

She said doctors have now advised them to bring the mother of the deceased and if the DNA results match, then they will take the body. The family has been advised to return for the final results after two days.

The inferno, which resulted from a leaking fuel tanker, has so far claimed 41 lives, while a few are nursing wounds at Mulago hospital.

Wednesday 10 July 2013


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