Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bodies at Lala Lajpta Rai Hospital's mortuary become food for mongoose

Slackness on part of the health personnel and guards on duty at the mortuary of Lajpta Rai Hospital (LLR) has proved unfortunate for the kin of a woman whose body had been kept in the mortuary from past few days.

When the relatives reached the mortuary to take the body they found that it was eaten-up by mongoose. It is the fourth incident of its kind in the last two days when the bodies kept in the morgue of LLR were eaten-up by mongoose.

The body of Moni Singh (35), from Shyam Nagar was kept at the mortuary of LLR from past few days. According to the sources, Moni died last week after she met an accident near Kali Mathiya crossing and breathed her last during the treatment.

On Tuesday, when kin of the woman came to identify the body, the same was found in mutilated state. Major portions of the body were found eaten-up by mongoose. Some portions of the body, including her eyes, ears and nose, were so badly eaten that they were not even visible.

"To our dismay, when we went to take back the body on July 9 after keeping it in the mortuary for around five days, it was found in a decomposed state with a foul odour emanating from it. The hospital staff has played a cruel joke with our sentiments by not taking proper care of the body for which they must be taken to task," lamented the distraught relatives of Moni Singh.

This was not the lone case as cruelty of mongoose and lackadaisical approach of the medical staff on duty at mortuary remained pathetic for Mitrani (53) also. She was also brought to the LLR mortuary for postmortem but turned into a food for mongoose. Flesh from nose, chin, shoulders was missing from the body of Mitrani.

The matter came into light when the mortuary staff took all the bodies into an account after the incident on Monday in which mongoose had eaten-up the body of an 11 year old girl, Durga, from Panki ,who died by drowning.

Her body was brought to the mortuary on Sunday. As the postmortem was conducted late on Sunday night, the body of Durga was kept at mortuary. On Monday, when the relatives of Durga reached the mortuary to claim the body it was fount mutilated. The hospital staff claimed that the body was eaten-up by mongoose.

Chief medical superintendent (CMS) of LLR hospital, Dr SB Mishra, while confirming that the body had got decomposed, cited the large number of mongoose in the mortuary as the cause behind the incident. However, the officials were unable to explain why the bodies were kept in the mortuary without taking any precautionary measures against mongoose present there.

He added that he would ask municipal corporation to catch mongoose on Wednesday. He also assured to take frequent rounds at mortuary so that the security machinery remained active.

Wednesday 10 July 2013


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