Sunday, 28 July 2013

Seven dead in Italy bus accident

Seven people have been killed after a coach came off a flyover and plunged down a 98ft slope, according to police.

Some of the dead were children, according to the daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, which also reported that the driver had died.

Dozens were also injured in the crash at Avellino, in Southern Italy.

A police spokesman said: "I cannot yet confirm the number of victims, we are still pulling people from the vehicle. Our priority now is to free the wounded.

According to some reports, the coach was thought to be carrying pilgrims returning from a trip.

Rescue workers at the scene said the bus had hit several cars before coming off the road and added that some of the passengers could have been flung from the vehicle as it fell.

The Naples-Bari highway has been closed to traffic.

Sunday 28 July 2013


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