Saturday, 4 July 2015

Nepal: ICRC presents TUTH morgue refrigerator for additional body storage

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) has handed over an external refrigerator unit to the Tribhuvan University’s Forensic Medicine Department.

Deputy Head of ICRC Delegation in Nepal Alfredo Mallet handed over the facility to Dean at the Institute of Medicine of Tribhuvan University Prof Dr Rakesh Kumar Shrivastav amid a function on Friday.

“It is a serious matter how the bodies are dealt, as it can have a profound impact and long-lasting effect on the mental health of survivors and communities. Proper identification of a dead body significantly reduces the anxiety of the deceased person’s relatives,” Mallet said.

The new facility provided by the ICRC, with support from the Japanese Red Cross Society, now doubles the storage capacity of bodies of the TU Teaching Hospital which has been overwhelmed by a high number of bodies being brought in for examination and identification daily.

Saturday 4 July 2015


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