Saturday, 4 July 2015

India: Mira-Bhayander’s forests a dumping zone for bodies

The long isolated stretches with forested areas on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway and Ghodbunder Road is turning into a 'dumping zone for bodies of people killed.

While the killers dump the bodies confident that the murder will remain unsolved, almost 95 per cent of the cases have been cracked by the cops. The body of Franshela Vaz (8), a resident of Airoli was dumped in the jungles of Gaimukh on the Ghodbunder Road in Thane on June 29. The killer Clarence Fonseca, the victim's uncle was arrested on Friday.

"We have been patrolling on the isolated stretches of the national highway but it is practically impossible to keep a watch on such a huge zone," said Mira-Bhayander Deputy Superintendent of Police (DYSP) Suhas Bawche. He said that the killer dumps the body in isolated areas to avoid being caught, but end up leaving behind some clues.

The forested stretch on the national highway begins from Dahisar and stretches to Gujarat and Indore. Instances of dumping bodies takes place along the highway.

Beheaded and decomposed bodies are discovered by locals and tribals who venture into the dense forests. The process of identifying a body takes a while, by which time the killer thinks he/she has gone scot free, said a police officer. The identification of the body becomes difficult due to its decomposing nature. However, once the body is identified, nabbing the criminal is just a matter of time, say the cops.

In most cases, the killer randomly chooses the spot where the body is to dumped. While few of the killers nabbed had prior knowledge about the topography of the location, in most cases, the murderer simply dumped the body in whichever isolated location the killer first discovered, said a police officer.

The bodies are dumped in the wee hours and in most cases, the murderer is confused about the spot where the body was dumped. In the Airoli case, police said that Fonseca was picked up from his Mira Road home on Thursday but it took him several hours to find the exact spot where he had dumped the body.

Saturday 4 July 2015


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