Thursday, 4 June 2015

Malaysian team enters Thailand to find more human smuggling mass graves

Malaysian police and forensic experts have entered Thailand to find out at least 91 more human smuggling graves believed to be located at a reserve forest near the shared border.

The route via Ban Talok in Thailand will only take about an hour because the path is not as steep as the Wang Kelian route, where another transit camp had been discovered earlier, reports Malaysian news network Astro Awani.

Six land rovers and pick-up trucks were seen leaving the Padang Besar police station at about 9am. The vehicles are believed to be part of the logistics team which will be bringing the equipments to dig the graves.

Malaysian police had earlier said that Thai authorities have granted them five days to enter the camp and bring out the bodies through Thailand’s Banh.

Thailand police in early May had found secret human-trafficking camps on their side of the border and dozens of shallow graves. They launched a crackdown on human-smuggling following the discovery of the mass graves.

Meanwhile, 35 human skeletons found in the Bukit Burma jungle in Wang Kelian and believed to be victims of the human trafficking syndicates have been taken to a hospital for pathological processes.

To date, 139 graves at 28 temporary camps of the human trafficking syndicates were found between Kampung Wai in Kuala Perlis and Tangga 100 at Felcra Lubuk Sireh in Padang Besar.

Thursday 4 June 2015


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