Thursday, 11 June 2015

Eastern Star disaster: 342 bodies identified

Forensic experts are using DNA matching to identify bodies from the Eastern Star ship disaster. As of Thursday morning, 342 bodies had been identified, but the forensic experts' work is far from a simple process.

One hundred and seventy specialized medical workers have been working around the clock to match DNA samples with those from the bodies.

The process is taking place in the DNA laboratories of the public security bureaus in the cities of Wuhan and Jingzhou, in central China's Hubei province.

The matching process needs DNA samples from both the victim and their direct family. Many of the families are in different places in China. For those who do not have direct family—or have only one direct family member—experts will try other methods to identify the bodies. In some cases, they will compare the victims' DNA to those collected from items of their daily use.

Eight provinces and cities, including Shanghai, Tianjin and Jiangsu, have begun to collect DNA samples from the victims' homes. And the public security bureaus will continue to work around the clock to identify every victim of the Eastern Star ship disaster.

Thursday 11 June 2015


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