Monday, 19 May 2014

Bodies to be exhumed from Kitengela mass grave

Government pathologist Johanson Oduor says bodies and body parts from two mass graves discovered in Kitengela on Friday, will be exhumed today, Monday morning.

There are fears that more bodies could be found buried in the mass grave.

Up until now, the bodies lying in the mass graves have not been identified yet. According to the county commissioner, about five families have come forward to report missing persons.

Kajiado county commissioner Albert Kobia has revealed that the bizarre murders resulted from an ongoing land dispute at Noon-Kopir area.

Kobia is blaming illegal land brokers for defrauding people into purchasing land in the area, leading to such deadly rows.

The 5,000 acres of land and another 10,000 within Kitengela Township are at the centre of deadly retaliatory attacks.

The land is said to belong to a cement manufacturing company.

The county commissioner has criticized the management of the factory for allegedly contributing to the crisis due to their inaction.

The county authorities have vowed to bring to book all the cartels in Kajiado County, who are illegally dealing in land and are being blamed for the mystery killings.

Monday 19 May 2014


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