Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mass grave in Bosnia 'could be the largest' from 1990s

A group dedicated to finding the bodies of those who've disappeared during armed conflict says a mass grave it's excavating in Bosnia could be the largest from the war there in the 1990s.

The International Commission on Missing Persons says there could be up to 600 people buried at the site.

The Commission's Adam Boys says almost 250 complete bodies and 110 body parts have already been removed from a primary grave at the site, near the village of Tomasica.

The remains discovered so far are yet to be accurately identified.

Mr Boys says the grave forms part of the criminal prosecution against Ratko Mladic, the general in charge of the Bosnian-Serb army during the conflict.

He told Ildi Amon, it is extremely difficult work for those doing the excavations, because the remains are very well-preserved.

Wednesday 06 November 2013


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