Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mahbubnagar bus fire: APFSL runs out of DNA kits

After dealing with identification of the Mahbubnagar bus inferno victims, the AP Forensic Science Laboratories (APFSL) has run out of DNA kits to tackle any immediate eventuality. Realising this, the government has permitted the APFSL to procure 10 new DNA kits at a cost of Rs 40 lakhs.

According to APFSL officials, till now 34 bodies have been identified and eight more are to be identified.

"Considering the gravity of the situation, we have invested all available resources and completed DNA profiling of 34 passengers who died in the mishap. In the remaining eight cases, DNA profiling of six bodies will be completed by Wednesday evening, while in the other two cases, the family members concerned are yet to give their blood samples,'' APFSL in-charge director Sharada told TOI.

Though 45 persons, including a baby, died aboard the bus on the fateful day, three victims were identified at the scene of accident and the remaining 42 bodies were preserved since a decision was taken to conduct DNA profiling before the remains were to be handed over to the families concerned.

"In the case of two bodies, blood samples of kin are yet to be collected. In one case, we wanted the victim's daughter and husband to come to the lab so that the daughter's DNA profiling can be matched with her mother and her father. In the other case, we want the parents to come instead of the victim's siblings,'' officials said

As of now, the APFSL has six DNA kits. With the identification process of 34 bodies completed, the officials were confident that they could manage to profile the remaining eight bodies with the available kits. However, they were worried about the future requirements since DNA profiling in criminal cases from across the state land at the APFSL.

The internal parts of the most of the Volvo mishap victims were reduced to ashes and drawing tissues turned out to be a tough task. Generally, in other cases the officials of APFSL take around 20 days to conclude profiling of the victim, but in this case they completed it in just five days.

Meanwhile, forensic officials ruled out existence of firecrackers and other combustible material in the bus at the time of the accident. Sources said that fire was triggered after diesel tank hit a culvert and immediately luggage inside the bus, kept in an exclusive luggage slot near the fuel tank caught fire, and later spread to the entire bus, killing 45 people and injuring seven others.

Wednesday 06 November 2013


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