Thursday, 5 September 2013

Pig launched to help solve missing persons cases

After four years of discussion and planning, Saskatchewan RCMP began the test phase of a mission to unlock the mysteries surrounding a number of missing persons cases.

“We’ve had several people who have presumably gone missing in the North Saskatchewan River and we haven’t yet found those bodies,” said Constable Tyler Hadland, with the Saskatoon Historical Case Unit.

Officials began tracking the movements of a 150 lbs pig carcass on Tuesday from North Battleford, Sask.

The launch site was chosen because police are aware of at least one case where a person went missing from that location.

“We know there are natural collection points throughout the river and we’re hoping this animal ends up at one of those points – and may even guide us to where some of these missing people are,” said Constable Hadland.

A radio transmitter and temperature gauge were implanted into the pig’s vertebral column. Since limbs are more likely to fall off with the onset of decomposition, this was the most secure place to position the tracking device.

Next week, police will take to the waters once again, this time tracking the pig’s movement towards Nipawin, Sask.

“You can imagine how complex something like this is, given the time of the year, weather conditions – even the form of the channel itself. Obviously water levels – if it’s high water, low water,” said Ernie Walker, University of Saskatchewan professor and RCMP Special Constable.

RCMP may allow the carcass to stay in the river until spring to allow for more detailed observations.

Thursday 5 September 2013


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