Saturday, 23 December 2017

In past three years, nearly 8,500 unidentified bodies found in Delhi

In past three years, the national Capital have seen more than 8,000 unidentified dead bodies in the different areas. Police claimed that they did everything to identify the bodies and also tried to search the family members of the deceased.

The police data accessed by Millennium Post stated that in last three years (2015 to 2017), 8,486 dead bodies were recovered from different parts of national Capital. The year 2015 witnessed 3,063 dead bodies whereas in the year 2016 more than three thousand dead bodies were recovered.

The current year saw 2,415 dead bodies till November.

The dead bodies were recovered from railway tracks, street, parks, and many other places. The investigation has been a tough ask for the police. In some cases, the police team had to check CCTV footages of the spot where the body was found in real time to know from where the person came.

''In some cases more than two police personnel continuously checked the footage's for several hours in real time if one takes break another came to the seat like that it happened," said a senior police official.

In September a man committed suicide from a building in GTB Nagar area a suicide note was recovered from the possession. Handwriting and the grammar usage in the suicide note were checked.

Police sources claimed that dialect used in the suicide note indicates that the man can be either from Uttar Pradesh or from Bihar. The bodies which are been found in railway track police contact other states in order to check whether any person went missing from there.

In Zonal Integrated Police Network (zip police put the information on the dead bodies and also advertisement is also given in the newspaper to identify the bodies.

After the effort police were able to identify the dead bodies and contact their parents. If the bodies are not identified last rites been done by police and now NGOs are also coming forward for conducting the last rites.

In some cases, police have the unidentified body through tattoo in the body and in some cases the type of clothes what the deceased is wearing help them in the identification of age and also some clues about the person.

Saturday 23 December 2017


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