Friday, 28 August 2015

Half of Trigana crash victims identified

The National Police said its Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) team had managed to identify only 27 bodies of the 54 people on board the Trigana Air plane that crashed in Oksibil, Papua, on Sunday.

The team identified bodies of 27 victims based on their dental and medical records as well as objects attached to their bodies, the police added.“The DVI team has confirmed the identities of 27 victims from the 54 body bags handed over to Bhayangkara Police Hospital using primary and secondary data.

To identify the remaining 27 victims, we will wait for DNA test results from the forensic laboratory at the National Police headquarters,” said the head of the Papua Police medical and health center, Sr. Comr. Ramon Aminam in Jayapura on Thursday.

The three latest bodies identified by the DVI team are Elipad Uropmabin, 22, a university student from Pegunungan Bintang regency; Hosea Uropdana, 50, the Pegunungan Bintang education agency head; and Jackson Wayam, 24, a resident of Kampung Kabiding, Oksibil.

Ramon said some victims may still be unable to be identified when the DNA test results were ready as it was probable that some bodies were still left at the Trigana crash site.

“There are still 27 bodies that need to be identified. If we find less than that number in the DNA test results, there may be some victims’ bodies not yet recovered from the scene of the plane crash.

We don’t know what condition they would be in,” said Ramon.The DVI team has been working to identify bodies from the Trigana Air crash since Aug. 20. The team has identified three out of five Trigana crew members.

They are pilot Hasanuddin, co-pilot Ariadin Falani and flight attendant Dita Amelia Kurniawan.“Thank God, three crew members have been found. Two more crew members, a technician and a flight attendant, are yet to be identified,” said the head of PT Trigana Air Papua, Budiawan.

The Papua Police said they were investigating a suspected violation involving Trigana Air ticket sales as the names of 10 crash victims did not match with the flight’s passenger list. “The Papua Police have continued to investigate alleged ticket resale practices [related to the] Trigana aircraft.

Ten people were not on the passenger list but were on board the aircraft. We are investigating 16 witnesses,” said Papua Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Rudolf Patrick.

The Trigana Air flight IL 267, a PK-YRN aircraft, crashed while travelling from Jayapura to Oksibil, Pegunungan Bintang, Papua, on Aug.16.

Friday 28 August 2015


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