Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Whereabouts of 91 missing people during quake still unknown

The whereabouts of 91 missing persons in Constituency no 3 in Sindhupalchowk district since the April 15 quake is still unknown while the bodies of many deceased ones are still left to be retrieved from the rubble, the local police have said.

Of total 24 VDCs in the district, Duwachaur has the highest death toll, standing at 154 while thousands have sustained injuries and some are still missing , shared Central Investigation Bureau DSP Bhim Dahal,who is currently deployed in this quake-hit district.

The Police so far have identified the dead bodies of 1,409 people in the constituency number 3 of the district while many missing persons are assumed to be dead and their bodies were yet to be dug out of debris, DSP Dahal added.

Some four people in Melamchi have gone missing following the 7.6-magnitude quake. The missing persons, who hail from Terai region, are assumed to have been buried under the rubble of their houses, the police said.

Similarly, police have not been successful to pull out the bodies as many people are believed to have been killed during the quake in Ichowk VDC-8 in Nuwakot.

The number of the deceased in the Constituency No 3 of Sindhupalchok district stands at 1,500. Police have been carrying out search-and-rescue operations in collaboration with the Nepal Army and local authorities.

Tuesday 12 May 2015



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