Tuesday, 20 January 2015

AirAsia QZ8501: Search agency confirms recovery of 53 remains

The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) Indonesia has confirmed having recovered a total 53 remains.

Of the number, 45 had been identified by the team from the Disaster Victim Identification, Police Department Indonesia (DVI POLRI).

AirAsia in the statement here said eight other remains were in the process of being identified.

"The DVI POLRI announced that there is no identification release today. The DVI POLRI team is currently gathering more DNA evidence on the remaining passengers," said the statement.

The statement said Basarnas was able to recover more debris such as passenger windows, seats and other interior parts believed to be from AirAsia QZ8501.

The search and recovery mission continued today as divers began to descend in the Java Sea floor to observe the fuselage wreckage this morning.

However the floating mission continued to be hampered by high waves and adverse weather conditions. AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ8501, carrying 162 people on board, went down on Dec 28 after losing contact with air traffic control on its way from Surabaya, to Singapore.

Tuesday 20 January 2015



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