Thursday, 25 December 2014

Aichi doctors to form disaster teams to examine corpses

An association of doctors in Aichi Prefecture, plans to create teams next spring that specialize in examining the bodies of victims in major natural disasters and accidents, according to people familiar with the plan.

The Aichi Prefectural Government estimates that up to 29,000 people could die in the prefecture if a major earthquake strikes in the Nankai Trough off the Pacific coast and generates a huge tsunami.

The Aichi Medical Association will be the first such entity in the country to form a team dedicated to examining corpses following major disasters and accidents, the sources said.

In its discussions to set up the teams, the Aichi group included aircraft accidents. The prefecture is home to Central Japan International Airport, or Centrair, and Nagoya Airfield, also known as Komaki Airport.

The eruption earlier this year at Mount Ontake, on the border between nearby Gifu and Nagano prefectures, prompted the group to accelerate the talks. The natural disaster left 57 people dead and six missing.

The teams will act at the request of police to examine bodies at the scene, mainly to identify cause of death. Each team will have three or four doctors.

Thursday 25 December 2014


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