Saturday, 26 July 2014

Case of mistaken identity after bus disaster: Mix-up brings joy to one family, devastation for another

It was a day of boundless joy for Swamy Goud on Friday. This farmer of Kistapur village, who was mourning the loss of his 'son' in Thursday's bus accident at Masaipet village in Medak district, suddenly erupted in joy on knowing that his five-year-old son Dhanush was very much alive and recovering in a private hospital.

Due to a mix-up, Goud had taken the body of four-year-old Dattu, who had died in the accident, and buried it. "He was so devastated that he didn't even bother to check the face of the boy and took the body away late on Thursday," said a Yashodha Hospital official.

The blunder was detected after Dhanush regained consciousness on Friday and blurted out his parents and village names at around 9 am. "We were completely shocked and immediately called Swamy Goud," said a hospital official.

"Under confusion, a parent (Swamy Goud) took away body of another child thinking that it was his son. Swamy Goud (father of Darshan Goud) could not make out his son's body and took another instead. The mistake has been rectified now. Swamy Goud, who was in a state of shock yesterday, after signing the papers took away the body of one Dattu who had actually died in the mishap," a minister told reporters.

Both Dattu and his elder sister had died in the accident and their father Veera Babu took away the body of his daughter, presuming that his son was alive and was being treated in a hospital.

"Later in the night, Veera Babu came to the hospital and verified. He realised that his son was no more and his body was also not there. Both the fathers were asked to contact the district administration and set right the records.

Swamy Goud said "My son's name is Darshan Goud and we fondly call him Dhanush. I had sent him to school yesterday at 8.30 AM. Later, I received a phone call about the accident. I was told my son had died and after that I went to different hospitals searching for my son. I reached a private hospital and saw some bodies of school children."

"I fainted and could not recognise a body that was shown to me as the face of the body was disfigured. Assuming that it was my son's body, I took it and performed the last rites. As I was in a state of shock, I got confused between Dhanush and Dattu. I regret for what has happened," he said.

However, the parents of Dattu are in a state of shock and crest-fallen.

Dattu belonged to Islampur village, while Darshan is from Kishtapur village in Medak district.

It was a twin-tragedy for Veerababu, who lost his 11-year-old daughter Bhuvaneshwari too in the train-bus collision. Dattu, who suffered grievous injuries, was shifted to a private hospital in Secunderabad on Thursday itself. However, he died late in the night.

District authorities swung into action and revenue officials called both parents and informed them about the mix-up. Later, Dattu's body was exhumed and handed over to Veerababu for conducting last rites.

Saturday 26 July 2014


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