Monday, 21 July 2014

Bus crash in Germany leaves nine dead and scores injured

Nine people were killed and 43 injured when several buses crashed on a German motorway near the eastern city of Dresden.

The crash, which occured about 2 am local time on Saturday, involved a Polish coach and minibus and a Ukrainian coach, according to police spokesman Lutz Zoellner. He was unable to provide details about the victims.

The German public broadcaster MDR reported that seven of those killed were traveling in the minibus.

Citing a preliminary police report, MDR said the Polish coach hit the rear of the Ukrainian coach and then broke through the median barrier, crashing into the oncoming minibus.

Dresden police said the crash, which happened in the early hours of Saturday morning, involved a Polish bus, a Ukrainian bus and a Polish minibus.

Police have undertaken a preliminary investigation which suggests that the Polish bus hit the rear of the Ukrainian bus, which then broke through the central barrier and crashed into the oncoming Polish minibus.

Six of those killed were Polish citizens, Dresden police said. A spokesperson for the police, Lutz Zoellnew, said he was unable to immediately provide details about the victims, but German public broadcaster MR reported that the majority of people who died are thought to have been on the minibus.

The injured people have been taken to hospitals in Dresden and Radebeul.

Monday 21 July 2014


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