Friday, 6 June 2014

Remains of 37 persons recovered in Rudnica so far

The remains of 37 people have so far been exhumed from the Rudnica quarry, southern Serbia.

The news agency is quoting the head of the Commission for Missing Persons, Veljko Odalović, who made the statement as he was visiting the location.

It is believed that ethnic Albanians who died during the 1999 war in Kosovo were buried at the site.

"The process goes on and 37 bodies have been recovered so far," he told reporters on Thursday, adding that the exhumation would continue throughout June.

The commission will insist that the exhumation be complete and conducted in a highly expert, responsible and sufficiently transparent way, he noted.

"I believe we will have to use much more time with new searches and a new location," he stated.

The exhumation will continue as before, with the presence of EULEX officials, a delegation from Pristina, International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Commission on Missing Persons, he pointed out.

Besides Odalović, the location in Rudnica was visited also by UN Assistant Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operation Edmond Mulet and Head of UNMIK Farid Zarif.

Mulet told reporters he had come to Rudnica to have a closer look at the efforts invested as part of a partnership of a number of international organisations, adding that it was obvious the exhumation was fully transparent and very professional.

"This is a sad sight, since it is the scene of a crime, but the work will be continued," he stated, adding that it was important work meant to locate the remains of people gone missing during the conflict in Kosovo.

Friday 06 June 2014


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