Monday, 4 November 2013

Pattya Ferry update: 6 bodies found so far with more than 10 still missing

A ferry boat by the name of “Koh Lan Travel” sank off Pukhet island while carrying more than 200 passengers back from Koh Lan. Six bodies have reportedly been found so far -- 3 foreigners and 3 Thai nationals-- with 16 injuries.

A survivor recounted that after just 15 minutes departing from Koh Lan, a popular small island off the coast of Pattaya, the ferry boat suddenly stopped moving. Not long after the captain announced that the boat was out of fuel, water started gushing in from the bottom of the hull.

The cause of the incident was suspected to be a malfunction of the water pump on the ferry.

The injured victims have been taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital. Divers still continue to search the boat and waters for more missing bodies.

Monday 04 November 2013


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