Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mexico mass graves: Dozens of dead found

Two mass graves have been discovered in Mexico - bringing the number of bodies unearthed over the past 10 days to 39.

The remains of eight people - including a child - were found in the graves near the US-Mexico border after authorities in the northern state of Sonora received an anonymous call.

According to an initial assessment, the pits near a dirt road in the Navojoa municipality contain the corpses of six men, a woman and a minor.

Medical experts say the remains could be about a year and a half old, an official statement said.

Last week, seven bodies were discovered near the resort of Acapulco, less than two days after six cadavers were found.

That comes on top of at least 18 other bodies discovered since November 9 in eight clandestine communal graves near the town of La Barca.

The town lies on the border between the western states of Jalisco and Michoacan, which are seen as a bloody battleground for drug cartels.

Dozens of hidden graves containing hundreds of corpses have been found in various parts of Mexico since a rise in violence between drug traffickers and government crackdown operations.

More than 77,000 people have been killed in drug cartel-related violence since 2006.

Wednesday 20 November 2013


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