Thursday, 24 October 2013

Search for two Concordia missing might resume in drydock pending ID of found remains

The search for the remains of two people still missing from the Costa Concordia shipwreck has been completed, the disaster commissioner's office said in a note Wednesday.

The crash off Giglio Island led to the deaths of 32 people on January 13, 2012. Thirty bodies were recovered almost immediately.

Those of Indian crew member Russel Rebello and of Italian passenger Maria Grazia Tricarichi are still missing.

''The search has turned up the remains of one body and a set of bones, which are being identified through DNA testing.

As soon as we ID the remains, we will know whether we will need to continue the search once the ship has been drydocked'', the note explained.

The lurching, semi-submerged wreck of the Concordia was finally hauled upright upright on September 24, making possible the search by a joint task force of Coast Guard, firefighters, Navy, Carabinieri military police, Finance Guard and state police. ''(The team) resumed the search that had been left off in spring 2012.

They inspected all accessible areas on board, both above and below surface, as well as the seabed near the Concordia'', the note added.

A body found on October 8 is probably that of Indian crew member Russel Rebello, sources said.

Thursday 24 October 2013


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