Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Search for body remains in Lake Perucac starts near Visegrad

More than 30 firefighters from six voluntary associations in Bosnia have joined investigators from the Institute for Missing Persons in search for body remains of war victims.

The search is conducted in the village Milosevici, near Visegrad, east Bosnia. Team will exploit about 10 kilometers of the waterside of Perucac, Accumulation Lake. If they find body remains during a day on Tuesday, search will continue during the week.

"In 2010, we conducted a research in this area and now we have a chance, after the water level decreased in lake, to do that again. Since Sunday, we found some body remains,“ one of the IMP investigators, Zafer Rascic, told AA.

IMP believes that more body remains could be found in this location.

"We already searched on the watersides, but more body remains could be found here. It happened in the past we conducted search at one location more than once, and we kept finding more and more remains. This is river Drina and it is full of secrets,“ Rascic said.

The new search began after workers from aTurkish company ER BU, working on the reconstruction of Visegrad's old bridge, asked for water in the artificial lake to be decreased. Body remains came to day light when water was pumped out from the lake.

It is believed that the body remains could be belonging to victims of massacres committed in this area in 1992 and 1993, during Bosnian war.

In 2010, the IMP investigations resulted in finding between 200 and 300 body remains, and 175 were identified and associated with some persons. Remains were found at more than one location in Lake Perucac, and most of the victims were people from surrounding villages and cities, including Visegrad, Rogatica, but also Srebrenica.

Most of the victims found in this mass grave were of female bodies.

Visegrad was one of the places where Serb forces set up concentration camps for women, including the biggest one called Vilina Vlas.

According to the available data, about 200 women were held in this camp, raped and tortured, and only four survived. Some of the identified bodies found in 2010 in Perucac did belong to victims from Vilina Vlas.

It was the first time after the war that bodies of victims from this camp were found.

Wednesday 11 September 2013


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