Saturday, 7 September 2013

Bosnia discovers one of the largest mass graves in the past 10 years

In carrying out the exhumation ordered by the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a large mass grave with the remains of a large number of victims of the genocide near Prijedor (northwestern Bosnia) was discovered today.

This is one of the largest mass graves in the area found in the last 10 years.

''The mass grave was hidden by artificial mounds of the soil. Detailed digging turned up several meters of a soil layer made up of the accumulated mortal remains. Investigator of the Prosecutor's Office is on the ground to coordinate the work of all those involved in the process of exhumation'', said a statement from the Prosecution.

According to the preliminary estimates, the massive tomb hides dozens of victims. The exact number and identity of victims will be confirmed by detailed excavations and the fortification of victim's identity by available forensic methods.

''According to the evidence collected in the mass grave, there are the bodies of victims of Bosnian and Croatian nationality from and around the Prijedor area who were killed in the summer of 1992. It is the primary mass grave, and certainly one of the largest in the northwestern Bosnia'', the statement said.

Director of the Missing Persons Institute (MPI) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Amor Masovic confirmed to the Anadolu Agency (AA) it's the primary mass grave because the bodies of victims are complete and can be found at great depth.

''Even these are not complete skeletal bodies but are partially present and soft tissues because the soil is clay. We found the victims' watches and some money. But most probably the killings were carried out in other places and have been transported to the place of the present tomb'', explained Masovic.

He added that the victims were probably prisoners of Prijedor concentration camps, Keraterm and Trnopolje.

Prosecution and other institutions involved in the exhumation are taking intensive activities to secure these locations, and organizing process of excavations for the further forensic processing and fortification of the identities.

So far found and identified are 2,082 victims of Prijedor and still searching for about 1,200 Bosniak and Croatian victims killed during the war in and arround the Prijedor area.

Keraterm and Trnopolje were prisoner camps near city of Prijedor during the Bosnian war.

Hope for families Friday's revelation of mass grave at the Tomašica site near city of Prijedor, which is assumed to be the largest in the last ten years, reopened that never healed wounds of Prijedor Bosniaks and Croats.

"I have just returned from the site of newly discovered mass graves in Tomašica.

Team for the exhumation unearthed greater number of the bodies. Many facts indicate that in the grave there could be bodies of the local population of Mataruško hill who were killed on July 20, 1992 and were transported by trucks to an unknown destination after a few days. Efforts will continue in the coming days," wrote in his Facebook status Mirsad Duratović, president of the Association of Detainees of Prijedor in 1992.

Mirsad lived the most horrible torture in the prisoner's camp. Also his brother, who was only 15 years old, as well as father, grandfather, grandmother, five uncles and their wifes were killed.

He hopes to find them and finally bury with dignity. According to the first opinion of pathologists, majority of victims were killed in other locations, and then relocated to the area of Tomašica where their remains are hidden.

Finding these graves will reveal the facts of the war killings and hiding the mortal remains of non-Serbs from the municipality of Prijedor.

Authorities of Prijedor after finding new mass graves have remained silent. Mayor Marko Pavic says he "does not want to look back" --to the past war.

Mass graves at the site Tomašica near Prijedor (northwestern Bosnia), were discovered on Friday. So far 2,082 victims of Prijedor were found and identified, and search still conitnues for about 1,200 Bosniak and Croatian victims killed during the war in and around the Prijedor area.

Later, the Bosnian war city of Prijedor became a part of the entity of Republika Srpska.

Saturday 7 September 2013


Anonymous said...

It seems the world and people today when they hear something like this concern themselves with number or victims..areas where they were killed but for others these are friends,kids,parents,wifes-husbands..sweethearts..these were citizens of their country,and folks living in their city,their schools,park,work-place..
What hurts is also the half of those who committed this crimes are-free in that same city.The mayor is this city-nationalist lunatic who only regrets they didn't hide these bodies well and they were found?!

When you run over a dog across the street-you feel bad,at least normal people do,but psychotic and sick one find excuse these murders.
My heart goes to those that will find remains of their loved ones,those this age and century tortured and killed.
It will never be and cannot be forgotten or forgiven.

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