Thursday, 8 August 2013

Rosario explosion: rescue works continue, 11 people still missing

Rescue teams continue with rubble removal works coming closer to the site of the explosion, Rosario city Mayor Mónica Fein confirmed two-days after disaster struck at the Santa Fe province locality resulting in at least 12 people dead and 11 still missing.

“We have not found major structural damages and in most cases neighbors asked us to focus on the building works; we are very grateful,” Fein told reporters as she went over the accident site at 2000 Salta Street in downtown Rosario where a gas leak caused a major explosion and collapse of a 10-storey building early on Tuesday.

Gas technician repairman Carlos Osvaldo García and his assistant who were trying to repair the building’s gas system were detained for questioning in connection with the explosion.

Around 25 teams of catastrophe and rescue experts continue to work on the disaster area with main focus on the search for missing people as well as on safety issues to determine impacts and risk of collapse in nearby buildings also hit by the explosion.

Meanwhile, the national government announced a two-day national mourning with President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner visiting the victims of the worst tragedy in Rosario's recent history on Wednesday.

Thursday 8 august 2013


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