Wednesday, 7 August 2013

DNA test in probe over ‘body at Arbroath cliffs’

Police probing reports of a mystery body in the sea are testing a half-eaten McDonalds meal found at the shore for DNA.

Police received a call from a member of the public saying they saw a male in the water just north of Arbroath cliffs on Saturday.

Coastguard, the local lifeboat crew and a rescue helicopter were called in to coordinate a full-scale search of the area over the weekend, but nothing was recovered.

However, officers did find a Lee Cooper cardigan and spectacles on the foreshore, as well as a “partially consumed” meal and drink, understood to be from McDonalds.

And with no reports of any missing person, police were examining the objects in a bid to establish the owner.

Inspector Graham Young said the inquiry would continue in the hands of Eastern section and take the form of land-based investigations.

He said: “The caller was very clear that they saw a body in the water.

“The Coastguard carried out a search of the water on Saturday and Sunday, but nothing was found. We have got items of clothing and background inquiries will continue.

“There are no reports of any missing persons. The partially consumed meal and drink will be taken away for DNA testing.”

Police were also looking at the possibility that the sighting of the body reported may be a seasonal worker.

Inspector Young added: “That is a real possibility and could be why nobody is aware of them, hence the reason it has not been reported.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland, Tayside Division, appealed to anyone who may have any information that would help with the inquiry to contact them.

Wednesday 7 August 2013


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