Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Kin of missing in Uttarakhand look up govt website for clues

With no news yet about their loved ones, who are still considered missing in Uttarakhand, the family members of the 15 victims from Hailey Mandi are now looking for some clues through the photos and other vital details that have been uploaded by the Uttarakhand police on the Zonal Integrated Police Network website.

These photos are of those whose bodies have been cremated by the state authorities.

With the Uttarakhand chief minister refusing to declare the missing as dead, some of these relatives are still hoping to hear some good news, even though it has already been a month since these 15 went missing.

"The entire village knows that the chances of survival of these 15 persons are extremely slim. But, we are still hoping for a miracle, especially after we got to know that yesterday a man was rescued after almost a month, albeit in a mentally unstable condition," said Purushottam Singla, whose parents and daughter are among the missing. "There is still no news about any of the 15, and now we are looking for some clues by looking at the photos uploaded by the Uttarakhand police," said Singla.

Apart from the photographs of those who have been cremated, the website,, also lists the belongings such as the ornaments and identity cards found on them, along with their pictures, and mentions the name of the place where these bodies were found. All the 15 victims from this village were last seen in Kedarnath. "In all, 19 people from our village had gone for the Char Dham yatra and four of them managed to survive because as they did not travel to Kedarnath and decided to stay back in Gauri Kund. We are scanning the website but still not able to get any information," Singla added.

Wednesday 17 July 2013


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